New Year, New features

17th January 2018

It is a new year of new features at the Holiday Inn Leicester and I’m excited to share some of the most recent changes and progress with you…

‘What’s changed in the new bedrooms?’

The rooms on the 8th floor are finally ready, the new carpets and modern décor has really made a big difference. The rooms feel much lighter and warmer and I love the funky art on the wall! The pop of colour in the room is a fun contrast to the rest of the space which is quite neutral. The change that I think will make the BIGGEST difference to our guests are the additional plug outlets next to the bed! Perfect for charging all your gadgets!

‘How have the bathrooms changed?’

Curious to see how the bathrooms would be changed? They have been bought up to date with a modern contemporary feel. The new walk in showers are very spacious, we will have a mix of bathrooms; some with showers AND some with baths now!

‘The new refreshment room’

I’m particularly excited about the new refreshment room, can you tell? (I talked about it in the last post too) but now I’ve seen it, it looks better than I had imagined and will be a really great new addition for our meetings delegates. The light fittings were my personal fave!

It’s great to see the progression of the refurbishment so far, I am excited to see the next phase! No doubt, it is only going to be bigger and better!



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